Jan 6, 2012


1&2: mustard and grey yarn for home. 
3: greens for Isaac
4: grey/red/blue/cream for Max.

Holiday crochet projects. Some finished, some still to begin. If you have never done crochet, learn. And once you have head on over to Kate's ravelry store. 
The above projects are all Kate's blanket pattern. One for our loungeroom (but larger) and the other two for little baby boys born on the other side of the world recently. A lovely place that feels like my second home. The boys and I visited back in July for a few weeks (way too short for me, but for my little homesick Jack - just enough). 


Carmen said...

I love the top one, I have never thought of joining thick and skinny yarn together, what a fantastic idea!

One Flew Over said...

Kristen! I LOVE how you have used different weight yarns in these blankets, they give such good texture and interest.

Beautiful x

ellie said...

What sweet loveliness! A new baby blanket is the perfect far-away hug.
I've been on a big crochet roll lately - just rejoined Ravelry last night, many things on my making list! These blankets sure make it there - hopefully I could have one finished before Winter happens upon us.
I hope you are well and happy xxxxx