Nov 30, 2014

in the shop

It's a really great feeling to have produced a new design. I thought this year would be full of new designs, but it wasn't so. Ideas have swirled around in my head, but there's just not been the correct time until now to get them onto fabric. It's definitely the beginning of a few new designs. I'm trying to take a more structured approach from now on. 
I love the metallic copper in this design. It's a little bit sparkly. Things that sparkle always catch my attention and have a magical quality. Is it just me?

Nov 27, 2014

village life

A sneak peek at part of the new fabric design 'village life'.

Oct 7, 2014

the block

It's no secret to my friends and work colleagues that I'm a fan of The Block. I even tried to talk a workmate into going on the show (failed). So when one of my Kokeshi Dolls was in an episode… I was nearly doing backflips (if I wasn't past that kinda thing).

If you own a shop and would like to stock any of my toys please contact The Designers Agency.

Sep 9, 2014

string bag

I can't tell you how much I loved making this.
Perfect for carrying around my projects.

Crochet string bags. Is there anything more perfect in the crafty world? Beauty and function mixed in with a little nostalgia.

Sep 7, 2014


Fog in my backyard - looking over the corner of the studio.

View from inside the studio.

Our first family trip to the snow - me snowboarding.

Aug 26, 2014


New colourways for 'Eva & Kit' fabric. A start of many new things to come!

available at

Aug 6, 2014

life updates

A recent adventure to Bondi with my boys. It's so easy just to hang out at home, but a little extra effort means a whole new experience. We had a winner of a parking spot too...(if you know Bondi, you know what I mean).

My new specs! I gave up the fight and bought some prescription reading glasses.  No more headaches after a day at work. As an extra bonus I feel so much smarter now.
I'm continuing with my obsession with crochet. I've bought/borrowed a few books from the library and enjoy learning new stitches. These hexagons will grow into a blanket. There was a small hiccup when I couldn't get anymore of the cream (don't know why I only bought one ball). But I had a win at Lincraft today - they had restocked.

And in other news, Wild Rumpus was amazing. What a great community of crafty goodness! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and bought some of my fabrics.