Aug 6, 2014

life updates

A recent adventure to Bondi with my boys. It's so easy just to hang out at home, but a little extra effort means a whole new experience. We had a winner of a parking spot too...(if you know Bondi, you know what I mean).

My new specs! I gave up the fight and bought some prescription reading glasses.  No more headaches after a day at work. As an extra bonus I feel so much smarter now.
I'm continuing with my obsession with crochet. I've bought/borrowed a few books from the library and enjoy learning new stitches. These hexagons will grow into a blanket. There was a small hiccup when I couldn't get anymore of the cream (don't know why I only bought one ball). But I had a win at Lincraft today - they had restocked.

And in other news, Wild Rumpus was amazing. What a great community of crafty goodness! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and bought some of my fabrics.

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Terese Grove said...

Glasses look great Kristen. Love the idea of 1photo1print!