Feb 18, 2014

sweet little heart

I have been very happy to help my lovely intern finish her Uni degree by working with me in the studio this past month. Her smiling face and easy attitude has made working together a breeze. I had set her a task to design a series of embroideries for kids and this is the very first one. These have been digitally printed locally in full colour on ethically sourced cotton/hemp. The kit includes thread, instructions and needle. Everything a little one needs to start on a easy and satisfying project that will kick off a never-ending love of all things craft.

A huge thanks to my crafty model. She is my inspiration when it come to craft for little ones. Her excitement and can do attitude is infectious.

Available in the shop here.

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sally said...

I am going to have to buy some. My 8 year old is asking to try all the fun crafty things I do. This summer we tackle sewing. She's wanted to do some embroidery for a while but I wasn't sure where to start. This is perfect. As usual Kristen, amazing work!