Jun 20, 2012

dipping jars

Hi there! My name is Kimberley Reh and I am on work experience with Kristen this week.
We've been preparing for the craft retreat these past couple of days and today we decorated a whole heap of jars to decorate the tables.

This idea is all thanks to Chiara Alberetti Milott's 'Paint-dipped Baby Food Jars DIY' on the Oh Happy Day blog.

Here's how to DIY...

First, you'll need: clean jars, water-based paint, wax paper, shallow bowl, (I also found it useful to use a straw or stick to wipe excess paint)

Pour some paint into the bowl (have a look at the images to get an idea of how much paint you need). Spread out some wax paper, making sure that it doesn't get blown about by the wind!
Once you tip the bowl on an angle, dip the edge of the jar in the paint and slowly turn as the paint touches the jar.
There was a lot of excess paint dripping off the jars so we waved them around a bit until the dripping stopped (or alternatively scrape the drips off with a stick or straw).
Put them down right-side up on the wax paper, let them dry for an hour or two.
Once the sides are relatively dry and won't drip, turn the jars upside-down so that the bottom can dry.


yardage girl said...

Clever idea, and they look great!

Annie said...

Lucky you to be on work exerience with KD. Jars look great

AMCSviatko said...

(I think you might mean voilĂ ?)


Melinda said...

Like! Thank you Kimberley!