Jun 4, 2012


This is one of the embroideries designed for my "SEW" craft retreat. Jack (9) claimed it as his own. Then the negotiations began. Colours, placement of colours and what it would become when finished. We couldn't agree on colours. We couldn't agree on what it was to be. I wanted a cushion cover, cloth book cover or a zip book bag. He was having none of that. So a deal was struck. I could choose the colours and the placement, he would choose the end product.
I gave him the 'Meet Me at Mike's' craft book to look through and he chose the 'udderly lovely cow' by Fliss Dodd. I've always wanted to sew this, but was unsure about the combination af my embroidery and this design.
So I have to say 'good call' Jack. Moo-moo is very cute!
PS. Please note the craft retreat has been moved to August and has a new bargain price.