May 29, 2012

embroidery at 'sew'

I was sharing with a friend about the SEW craft retreat coming up. Telling her about the embroideries to choose from and the paper-cut garlands and tissue paper pom-poms Mel will be teaching. Her question was simple, but something I realised people may ask... What do you do with the embroidery once it's done?
Good question. So here's a picture of a work in progress using one of my designs, hummingbird. It will feature as the centre of a quilt for my God daughter. But would look equally as good on the front of a cushion or even a little drawstring pouch. There are many possibilities.
So for the people that like to idea of a an embroidery but are unsure of what's next, I will make up some samples of the new designs and bring them with me to the retreat. If you haven't gotten around to booking, it's getting close and we would love to have you join us!!!


Kirsty said...

Thank you for reminding me to get my embroidery out to finish!

gret said...

Oh, I would love to come Kirsten, I just wish it was on another weekend! I'm flying to brisbane that day. What a shame. Maybe if you ever do this again I'll be able to. I hope it's a fantastic day.