Aug 10, 2011


Just back from a month in the UK and now it's time to settle back into normal life. 
First up the kind people at the powerhouse discovery centre (castle hill, nsw) have offered 4 free family tickets to their Open Day on this Saturday 13th August. So if you want to come, the first 4 people to leave a comment and their full name will have their name on the door for free entry. Please note this event is in Sydney, Australia.
Above images are outdoor works by featured UK artist Shane Waltener


Anonymous said...

Yo yo! Welcome HOME!!!!!
Looks so cool, trust their be an event so awesome where I use to live and then there was nothing!
I'd love 2 go but have stuff on in the arvo @ the lovely south coast, I will buzz u if I can squish in a few hours in the morning so I can at least give u a welcome back hug! SARAH xoxo

veri maz said...

ah i'd wonder why it was quiet in this neck of the woods ;)

I'd love to check out the Powerhouse in the Hills, please put Marion Corbett & family on the door.

Kristen Doran said...

Thanks Sarah and Marion. I will leave your names on the door. Sarah... I need to give you your DVD!