Jun 10, 2011

fabric #1

Fabric #1 (on the pile of sewing to do) is now dress J from the 'Stylish Dress Book' with modifications of course (I am by no means as petite as the Japanese models in the book).
Jacket: Sussan
Belt: Vinnies Op shop
Scarf: Granny shawl
Perfect for summer days in London with my kids... very soon!


Lisa said...

I had that fabric in my hand this arvo but wasn't sure so put it back.. I like it! Must try that Dress J, think we need a "making dress J" craft group lesson, I'm certainly not shaped like a Japanese person... need your modifications!

One Flew Over said...

Love the entire ensemble!

Very envious of upcoming trip to London x

Carolyn said...

Great ensemble! Thanks for sharing!

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Philly said...

Now this is my style. Good selection.

wall stickers said...

I wish I could have this dress!!!