Mar 20, 2011


With a whole lot of preparations being made for the Finders Keepers market at the end of the week, there's not a lot to show. It's all about designing a lovely product and then reproducing it a billion times... well maybe not that many. But as I do struggle to pay attention once I've made something more than 3 times and it feels like a billion.
The top pic is a 'surprise' new colourway of my Kokeshi dolls. A surprise when the printer rang and said something like 'you know how you ordered a batch of blue/red/choc and another of pink/mustard/choc, well I got a little mixed up'. My first question was 'But does it look OK?' Yes, a happy surprise. 
And the next picture is my bike. A Giant Halfway folding bike I bought on ebay 3 years ago. Great for riding to school with the boys. But definitely not during magpie season. 


Jo @ a life in lists said...

The surprise colourway is lovely!

I always struggle with the reproductions once I've designed a new product (I make baby things), and by about 5 items in I'm really forcing myself to continue.

Leila said...

What do the magpies do? I don't know anything about them and am now intrigued. Or it is just gross and I don't want to know? I imagine it being something about the shiny metal part but I bet it isn't actually!