Feb 15, 2011

the sewing challenge

I set myself a sewing challenge last week. It went like this. 
Go to the local craft store.
Choose a fabric only from the bargain basement patchwork fabrics (you know, the end of roll or just plain ugly stuff).
Make a dress.
So after roping in two sales assistants and two shoppers in the store to join my quest... I made this dress. And it's probably my favourite home made dress so far.
Now here's the disclaimer: I'm totally sucking in my stomach in these photos (can you see the concentration on my face in the first pic?). So if you meet me in person and are surprised at how much larger I am in real life... maybe keep that to yourself.


Anonymous said...

woooot,wooo, you look gorgeous in your lovely new dress!


Mel said...

What? That's cheap fabric? It soooo does not look it! And having met you I know that you actually do look exactly like those photos ... actually better!

Michelle said...

That's beautiful! And that's a great challenge!!!

rachel said...

Super cute dress. Love the beads and cardigan with it too. Also it doesn't at all look like cheap fabric!

nikkishell said...

They say the screen adds 10lb so what i see in the photos looks damn good to me! (of course i've seen you in real life too and know you look fab!)

Great bargain bin dress :)

ensparkle ceramics said...

I have seen both you and dress in real life and both are gorgeous!

Leila said...

Are those pockets!?! I love pockets on dresses.

Either way, it's lovely -- great job!

AussiePomm said...

Oh BLAH!! I've met you, as with Louise, and you're just FINE! No way are you sucking it all in (or have you had too much vanilla ice cream with Passionfruit?)!

Seriously though, great challenge, and the dress looks amazing!!!

Kristen Doran said...

Bernie: no ice cream... but there was a whole jar of nutella consumed in the past week that's doing me no favours.
Leila: pockets - there is one on the front. Pockets on dresses have transformed my life. Always somewhere to put the keys.
Thanks everyone!

Rosalind said...

wow - impressed! Laughed out loud on that one!