Jan 7, 2011


A friend asked me to teach her how to crochet last night. So I passed on the knowledge that I had learnt earlier last year from a very patient teacher. And just in case my teaching didn't inspire my student... I sewed up a bag to keep her supplies in. Cuckoo clock on the front, Christmas tree on the back and a little piece of Winterwood felt stitched into the inside seam to keep a needle handy.
The good news is that my dear friend enjoyed learning so much she is teaching her two daughters tomorrow. Who would have thought? It took me 3 separate attempts over the years to finally get it. So this success has taken me by surprise!


Chaotic Jupiter said...

I have been trying to learn crochet too, but have not quite got it yet (probably due to lack of time to practice). I suspect a goodie bag like the one you made your friend would certainly give me an incentive!

My.Florentine said...

I love the bag you made! How nice and thoughtful.

Michelle said...

Oh well done on teaching your friend crochet! Glad the bug has well and truly bitten her.

The project pouch you made her is just lovely!

Unknown said...

Love your blog and shop. Thanks for sharing alle your great work.

Irene :-)