Mar 13, 2010

thanks sooz

Thanks to the organisational skills of the lovely Suzy, my tea towel draw has been restocked with some handmade goodness. All washed (but not ironed, I'm allergic to ironing) and ready to go. Thanks to all my partners for making the last few visits to the post office VERY exciting.
(Frangipanis from my neigbour's garden making my kitchen smell nice. I'm very excited that my own tree is about to flower for the very first time after waiting patiently for about 5 years).


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Ahh ironing. We recently had a green loans inspection and they asked my husband how often the iron gets used and because its in my studio he never sees it being used, he thought about the one wedding or so that we go to a year and said " about 20 minutes a year" not realising I use it everytime I sew.

Belinda said...

What lovely tea teatowels! Sounds like a great swap.

Di said...

What a lovely collection you have now! I'm largely allergic to ironing too I must confess. I usually only get it out when sewing, or for one or two garments that really do need ironing..