Mar 3, 2010


I picked up some new panels from the printer yesterday. And usually the first thing I do is sew something up. But life has gotten in the way. Grocery shopping, invoicing, photographing, library with kids, Bunnings Warehouse (to pick up boxes for packaging and school projects) then overseeing homework... you know the drill. And now I'm sitting here at the computer trying to get some graphic design ready for a meeting in the morning. Sewing will just have to wait.


Belinda said...

Hi Kristen!
Ahh, glad to see you got the panels. I was wondering if I would have to use a teatowel to make a dress for Layla, haha.
Just wondering, will the Paisley border only be coming on the Linen base ('linen' colour), or will it be coming in a cream or white later?

Frizz said...

i know how life gets in the way. sometimes i just want to go find a cave where i can just do the things i want and hide from the must do's.

btw - i'll be turning 40 in April. i try to look at it like a new beginning. it seems the older i get the braver i'm becoming which could open new doors and bring me down a path i never even imagined. hang in there!!