Aug 7, 2012


Meetings with Mel to discuss the retreat THIS weekend!
(look at the amazing kits she has put together featuring Grant Studios beautiful paper)

Working on a new 'dipped dots' design for yardage printing.
Step 1: gather jars and bottles. 
Step 2: dip the bases in paint and sit on wax paper 
Step 3: let dry then scan into the computer. 
Step 4: stay up ridiculously late into the night trying every conceivable configuration of dots until hitting the jackpot at 1.30am. 
Step 5: wake up early and check if the awesomeness you agreed on at 1.30am holds in the light of day.
I have to give credit to the lovely Kim for this accidental idea. She was helping me decorate some jars a few months back and when she pulled the jars off the paper to dry, the pattern looked very cool!


Corazón de Algodón said...

Lovely!! Kisses

Unknown said...

Hey Kristen! It's been a while, I've been to India and back and decided to follow up on what you've been up to lately. How lovely to see your progress since our time together =). Kim