Aug 13, 2012

dipped dots

Designing a print with dots is like trying to reinvent the wheel. There are already so many versions out there, the pressure is on to stand out. I printed out about 7 versions, stuck them on my kitchen wall (normally called the art gallery) and then did some rough sketches. I liked the way the different print outs formed a patchwork of dots in different sizes. The bottom picture is where I'm at today. Let's see if I still love it tomorrow.


Heather Moore said...

So funny! I'm just designing a dot print and love what I've done, but I know it has been done so often before. My version will have to just be slightly different, but a dot is a dot! Like your take on it :)

Melinda said...

You know I love a good dot, and this is a good dot. And you are a good egg. I also need to say omg. You probably know why.

postcard printing said...

Love it. It never occurs to me that dots can be drawn in many ways. Nicely done. Dots can be a work of art.