Nov 6, 2010


I reserve the right to change my mind and wear pink.
Fabric: bought from Amitie (anna maria horner - cotton voile)
Bias tape casing and tie: my shop
Dress patten: 'dress n' The Stylish Dress Book (very modified version)
Shoes*: A long awaited day off work and walking all over Sydney for 4 hours with my good pal, Monique, just to choose the first pair I saw at the very beginning.

I made this dress last night and almost finished it this morning. I had planned to make this into a full length dress and bought some pale green contrasting fabric (from Tessuti) for the last 30cm. But a few distractions last night, meant an unhemmed dress was worn today! I'll add the rest on soon.

*This is the very first pair of high heels I have bought for 11 years! I stopped wearing them when I had kids and have to say they will take some getting used to!


Alison said...

Knock em dead :)

Colour and heels - that has to make your heart sing :)

Sharonnz said...

That dress is so sweet! Still waiting for frock weather to arrive over the ditch. said...

You made that!! It's beyond magical
I wish it were mine hehe

hope to hear from you!
love always

our shabby cottage said...

Love it! The colours are very summery and I love the shoes, you'll look wonderful.

monkeemoomoo said...

I love this dress pattern. The fabric is gorgeous (both of them) And the shoes, devine.

I was so sick of wearing black and grey over winter that, I too bought a pink shirt last week!

Jesse said...

Lovely dress, and the shoes are great! If you recall any tips for walking in heels, do let me know; I bought some new ones too, and can barely wear them....