Nov 19, 2010


I was conned by my youngest son to start decorating early. The usual rule in our house is no decorations until Dec 1. But he worked on me. And won. Just the one small tree, that will soon be joined with more tinsel and baubles.
Looking at these photos reminds me of another generous blogger I met last year. Mandy from Belle & Boo. She was both generous with her time (sharing advice on business) and her gifts. We enjoyed chatting for a few hours in a Newtown cafe and then a few weeks later friends, Monique and Chris, hosted a full-on 'Aussie BBQ' for Mandy and Russ. When they returned to the UK, Mandy posted me a few gifts including this print of the little boy in the background. Jack gets quite cranky with me that I haven't put it in his room. Sorry buddy, I like to see this print in the lounge room where everyone can enjoy it!


One Flew Over said...

Ours is going up today too.

Then I need to pull my finger out and sew up your advent calendar!

Tizzalicious said...

I love Belle & Boo! :)

I am so tempted to start decorating too, but we have "Sinterklaas" in Holland first, on December 5th, and I love that tradition, so I'd better not start ruining it by putting up my Christmas decorations before then.

Posie Patchwork said...

While i haven't officially plonked any decorations out yet, i have bags filled with joy to load up the tree when we pick one up!! Actually good job for my husband with the 4 children (who each year chose a tree each, agony, to chop down from the Christmas tree farm in Gundaroo) while i have 2 markets next weekend. We'll take the trailer this year, last time we had spiders in the car. I bumped into the guy who married into the Christmas tree family once & he said they get a few people complaining of birds living in their trees - oh how sad!! You'd think they'd check before they choose or chop that tree!!
Love the scales, just like my mummy's!! Happy decorating, it's close enough & finally hot enough to feel like Christmas is coming, love Posie