Jul 28, 2010


Al and I will be at Winterland tomorrow selling our wares as well as knitting/crocheting/enjoying the music. It's a small part of the whole Winterland celebrations at Carriageworks and I must say I'm looking forward to it. So if you can, drop by and say hi to us - don't be shy we don't bite! And if you live in Sydney you might want to pick up the Sydney Morning Herald tomorrow (thurs). There just might be an article in the glossy  'The Sydney Magazine' with some familiar looking people. That's all I'm going to say.
6.5st (photo from: The Finders Keepers website)

Kristen Doran Design (photo from: The Finders Keepers website)


tiel said...

wishing you both the very best.

sarah barnett said...

Hope it goes really well! Remember your gloves!

feedthedog said...

great article on both of you.
and beautiful photos, humans and products all looking very glam.

Aunty Fuzz said...

Love the article and photo. Enjoy Finders Keepers.