Apr 4, 2010

small world

I have known Susana for a few years now. Our kids go to the same school. She's also a crafty lady doing what she loves while raising her family. I walk past her house almost every day as I try and get some exercise in the mornings. Then a few months back I met a new crafty girl, Helen. Would you believe, she lives opposite Susana. And if it wasn't for meeting Mel (who lives a few suburbs away) at an Amy Butler evening in Sydney... I would never have worked all this out. Small world indeed.

Top: Wool Connection www.woolconnection.com.au
Middle: Ensparkle www.ensparkle.com
Bottom: Paperklip www.paperklip.com.au


ensparkle ceramics said...

a small world indeed! Thanks for the lovely mention...I will be waving as I pass your house walking the dog in a bid to get fitter :-)

H x

Posie Patchwork said...

Love small worlds, it's spooky & pays to be nice as you never know who knows who. I know you, Helen & Melinda, must stalk Susana!!
Lovely crafty world we live in, nice people only thanks. Love Posie

Jo's Place said...

The same thing happened to me recently. I had been following a blog and won a giveaway. After making contact and giving this lovely lady my address details she lives just around the corner. So funny :)