Apr 23, 2010


If you are in Sydney and have some free time tomorrow, go here: 2-14 Amelia Street, Waterloo. Kelani Fabric Obsession will be there at the '30 Days of Home and Entertaining traders market'. You can read more about it on the Kelani blog.
I'm dropping in there this afternoon to meet with Elissa and Cathy. Should be fun!


running thread said...

I won't see you in Sydney .... but will say hello at the Stitches and Craft show in Melbourne. I'm itching to buy some of your lovely .

running thread said...

That should have read: lovely fabric! It's too late at night. I should be in bed but I'm blog hopping.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh sounds fabulous, hello from Canberra, shame i'm not in Sydney this weekend, sigh, love Posie