Jan 28, 2010


Sometimes things don't go to plan. I'd grown this design to it's full size and it wasn't sitting right with me. I stayed up very late last night. I thought about it first thing this morning. The feeling of it just not being right. Not being what I originally had in mind. I like it. But the design is not what I had intended. 
The original idea and inspiration for this was to be french linen. Lovely rough edged linen with red stripes and maybe fine cross stitch detail (like in samplers). I really got off the track with this one. There is no rustic feel at all!
Luckily I have a blog! And with blogs come other opportunities. A tea towel swap  is in the works, organised by this crafty gal and now I know exactly where this design will work perfectly. (And I'll also print up a few panels for those wanting to turn it into something other than a tea towel and pop them in my shop).


sally said...

Thanks for making more. I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

Georgia said...

Hooray! I'll be keeping an eye out for it too. :-)

Belinda said...

I know exactly what I would do with this print, so I will be buying some when it is up.
P.S. I haven't forgotten at all, I still need to blog the lovely giveaway I received from you. The light in our house has been very average lately, and I haven't managed to get a good picture....

Market Girl said...

This print reminds me of ceramics. What a great bathroom tile or large pitcher.
yeah I know you do fabrics, but that's what it reminded me of.
I love it x

Purple Paisley Patch said...

LOVE it!!!! Please put one aside for me, I'd hate to miss out. Looking forward to seeing more paisley designs in your future.
Kelly :-)