Apr 3, 2011

top #6

Pocket camouflaged into the flowers.
This is the 6th time I have made this top. Three already in my cupboard and enjoying a quick rotation this autumn. Two were given to friends. Can you tell when I find something that is easy to make and fits well that I become a little obsessed?
I'm running a sewing class in the school holidays - sewing a dress. It's a little on the tricky side with invisible zip, inverted pleats and binding and would be for the intermediate or advanced sewer. So I'm thinking of offering this as an easy option for those more on the beginner side of things when it comes to garment construction. 
Contact the girls at Jules Craft Shoppe for more details if you want to join us for two mornings of sewing.


tiel said...

what lovely fabric. But isn't getting cold down that way? Can you adapt the fabric to suit the cooler months?

Kristen Doran said...

thanks Tiel. Yes I have made one from a thicker linen that works great with a l/sleeve top underneath.

flowerpress said...

Oh what a pity Kristen, that sounds like fun, and I love your dresses, but I can't do the holidays. Will you have any more classes?

Rosalind said...


Birdie said...

Love it. Wish I could find someone to make one for me! Any chance you are on Etsy?